Fitbit Flex


Product Review: Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Price Range: $99 – $109

Who Would Buy The Fitbit Flex: Those looking for a stylish approach to tracking and logging daily fitness activity and goals.

Fitbit Flex


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Fitbit And Fitness

The purpose of the Flex wristband is to monitor and track your daily movements and sleep patterns. It also displays your daily goal progress with 5 LED lights, each representing 20% of your goal, and will fill up though out your day to show you how you’re doing.

I have worn the Fitbit Flex band now for a couple of weeks and I can say with all sincerity, it has changed my life. More than anything else the Flex consistently motivates me to go out and finish my goal every night, just to see those little lights light up and feel the band vibrate to congratulate me. I love reaching the goals I set for myself!!!

The band looks very nice and it’s comfortable to wear. The two standard colors go great with almost anything I’m wearing, so I keep mine on 24/7 – work, play or night on the town. I forget that I’m wearing some times, even when I’m typing, which is surprising.

fitbit flex activity tracker

FYI: Amazon also sells a combo pack of different color bands with a bit more flare… I love choices :). Oh I have to tell you how happy I am with how long the charge lasts on this little guy. Even using the vibrating alarm every morning for a week, it’s still going strong.

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The Fitbit is outstanding at doing what it was made to do, which is counting steps. I have had zero problems with the Flex band accurately counting my steps once I set it up properly. The pedometer does pick up some extra steps on bumpy rides to the gym every day, because it doesn’t differentiate between one activity and another. How Fitbit takes into account my daily spikes (drive to the gym or other non-walking activities) is with the ‘add activity’ option on my online Dashboard. With my ‘Drive to Gym’ activity created, the extra data on the log is not counted towards my daily goal.

The online Dashboard is really easy to use and breaks down my activities (distance, calories burned, steps, overall time) on a colorful easy to read chart. I can set my goals, earn badges and access my silent alarm setting. I also sync with my iPhone throughout the day to check my stats. The online tools also let you know how well you’re sleeping by giving you a look at your sleeping/waking patterns. I haven’t used this yet, but it looks interesting.

None so far, but I’ll keep you posted.

45 Day Money Back Guaranteed, 1 year Limited Warranty

Value for money?
The Fitbit Flex has been more than a step and calorie counter for me; it has been an encouraging motivator. It’ll track your daily goals, sync to your smartphone, and it only takes a couple of hours to fully charge and stays charged for days. I whole heartedly recommend the Flex to everyone. It’s just the greatest little motivator and I love it.

Where to buy: is the best place to buy the FitBit Flex. They have the best price of course, but their customer service is absolutely the best.

Activity Tracker: Fitbit Flex Vs Jawbone Up

Okay, so you’re ready to get in shape with this year’s latest Activity Tracker. But you can’t decide between the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up… welcome to my world. After pouring over tons of research, I made my decision. Now I thought I’d share that research to help you make yours… and here it is.

Fitbit Flex Lg Jawbone UpHow Do They Measure Up?

The Flex ($100) and the Up ($130) both have the same purpose, to motivate you and then to track your activity 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This means in the shower and yes, at night while you sleep too.

Activity Tracking: Tie

As an Activity Tracker, you really can’t go wrong with either the Flex or the Up. They both do exactly what they were designed to do, which is to track your activity, and both do it very well. Steps taken, distance, calories burned, active and idle times are all very accurate in both units. FYI: One of the things you have to do with any activity tracker, in order to get that accuracy, is a preliminary set-up and customizing of your stats and goals. They haven’t made one that’ll read our minds yet… unfortunately.

Sleep Monitoring: Jawbone

While both the Flex and Up are comparable in accuracy during sleep mode, the Jawbone will give you a little more information about sleep-cycles and deep sleep duration.

Syncing: Fitbit

The accessing of that data is where the two differ most. The Fitbit is wireless and conveniently syncs with my smartphone and computer throughout the day. While the Jawbone needs to be plugged in via the headphone jack and is not compatible with Mac or PC. This is a huge drawback for me as I like the no hassle syncing. In addition to that, I’d be in the dark most of the day about my progress because I’m just too busy to stop and plug in every time I need to sync.

Style & Fit: Fitbit

The Up and the Flex both come in a wonderful range of colors and both have easy-on, easy-off styled bracelets, but I have to give the edge to the Flex on this one. Fitbit did a great job of the color schemes and easily matches just about anything in my wardrobe. Add to that the lighter weight and feel (doesn’t grab at all), and it just put it over for me.

Display: Fitbit

The Jawbone comes off a bit lackluster with a small on-board indicator that will only tell you what mode it’s in. The Flex on the other hand, has a neat row of LED lights that when tapped on, will show your progress for the day.

Charging: Jawbone

When you do need to take it off to charge, getting the Fitbit back on can be a little tough to clasp shut. The Jawbone doesn’t use a clasp; instead its rigid frame is similar to an opened end bracelet and slides onto its charger quite easily.

Battery: Tie

Both feature remarkable battery life that lasts over a week.

Final Thoughts:

I love the motivation factor these activity trackers offer. I find myself setting goals, and taking the stairs, and walking to lunch to achieve them. Both the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up are great companions, but in the end I needed an activity tracker that would keep up with my information in the fastest, easiest way possible. That’s why I went with the Fitbit Flex. You can read my Flex review here.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget:

You can do anything you set your mind to, so just be careful what you set your mind to doing.

Connie Walston

Fitbit One

Product Review: Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Price Range: $100 – $110

Who Would Buy The Fitbit One: Those looking for a discreet Bluetooth pedometer that can help them “get fit and sleep better”.



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More Than An Activity Tracker – It’ll Change Your Life

The purpose of the Fitbit One is to track daily activity; but more than that, it’s designed to help create a new lifestyle. Wear it all day to track your steps taken, floors climbed, miles traveled and calories burned. Wear it at night to measure your sleep cycle, and in the morning the silent alarm will wake you. Using the One will help you create goals, and then motivate you to reach a new level of fitness.


The ONE is a clip-on pedometer and is small enough to be worn in discreet places like a bra or pocket. You do need to take it off while in the shower though. At night it can be put into a comfortable sleep wristband to track your sleep cycle.

If you want instant, real time information, the One has a beautiful LCD display that greets you when you touch it, and a fun motivational flower that grows throughout the day as you reach your goals. It’s very simple to operate; with just the touch of a button you can see: steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, time and date and calories burned.

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Like I said in my Flex review, the online Dashboard is such a wonderful tool. Both the One and the Flex have access to it, and it’s free to use with no fees and no contracts. I love the free and no-strings attached approach :-). Log your food, track your progress with colorful charts and graphs, monitor your sleep patterns, set goals and the best part, the feeling you get when you achieve those goals. The wireless sync is automatic, so all my information is right there in front of me.


None so far – Will keep you posted


365 Day Limited Warranty

Value for money?

As you may well know by now I wholeheartedly believe in Fitbit products. Whatever style you end up choosing, I know it will open your eyes and push you in the right direction. I’ve owned a treadmill for years and never used it until now. I had goals and never could stay motivated long enough to reach and maintain them. I recommend the Fitbit One because for me, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Where to buy:

As with the Flex, is the best place to buy the Fitbit One. I just can’t say enough about their fantastic customer service.

Fitbit Activity Tracker Review

Guest Post by Terah Hill

My Flex Activity TrackerFitbit Flex is awesome! It is a cute wristband that tracks how many steps I have taken, how many calories I have burned, and even the distance I walk or run each day. Since I have been using the Fitbit Flex wristband, I have been on a completely new motivational journey! I have changed a lot of my habits since using the band, and I just started getting up at 5 am to jog for an hour before getting ready for work. I am no longer using the elevator either.

I now know why I wasn’t losing any weight. I was consuming way to many calories than I was burning. Now, each day I have a goal, and I push myself so hard to reach it. I am excited about this cool new piece of technology. I was using an app on my phone to track my running prior to having the Fitbit armband and it was such a hassle during my jog. My favorite part about the Fitbit is that I know at the end of the day myself and all of my friends in my Fitbit network are watching each others progress and encouraging each other. It’s like our own little Fitbit Facebook.

Fitbit Flex – A Bit About Fitbit

My Fitbit Flex The Fitbit Flex comes in 5 different stylish colors and is made out of a durable silicone that’s comfortable for hours on end. It uses the Bluetooth 4.0 with a built-in accelerometer and tracking module. This allows the unit to track your movement and speed, an ingenious product.

In 2007, the founders Eric and James had the idea to create it. They wanted to create a product that would change the way you and I move by making this unique wristband so comfortable that we could wear it 24 hours a day. It is not only comfortable, but the Fitbit Flex will help you reach your goals. Reaching goals is important, but why not reach them and have fun too.

How many times have you heard that if you are going to get fit you have to find something fun? This activity tracker is fun, because when you wear it you get a sense of control over your health and and happiness because of it. You know you are doing something about your health and that is half the battle. The Fitbit Flex will help you focus on fun and fitness by tracking your success too. It will even track your rest. You ask what does rest have to do with my success. It will monitor your rest at night and keep the statistics of how well you slept.

There are even more benefits of the Fitbit. The battery can last up to 5 to 7 days so you can keep it on while you are awake and sleep with it on.

My favorite color option is the Tangerine, but they also come in 2 bright blues, black, and a gorgeous green. Don’t forget that when you are up, it counts how many steps you take, the distance you traveled, the number of calories you burned, and the minutes you were active. This is a corny line but it’s true, go ahead – get fit with Fitbit.